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Virtual CFO

The Concept of Virtual CFO:

Entrepreneurship is better seen and thought of as an amalgamation of different jobs, overseeing a number of departments as your organisation grows, and duties starting to range from large to very large. An entrepreneur managing a growing business needs a strategic partner to lead and manage the financial aspects of the business. Vee Bee provides you with all the services of a CFO, except, the CFO won’t be a full time employee. Our CFO may not be present on-site all the time but will always be there when you need them

Depending on the size and the growth stage of your company, we provide a flexible engagement model, enabling you to increase/decrease engagement levels, thereby giving you the opportunity of having the best CFO talent assisting you, based on your needs. Our on-going Virtual CFO retainer engagements can be as low as 2 hours a week. This flexible engagement model will help you keep your CFO costs variable and low but the experience will always remain enriching and memorable. Vee Bee would always want to share your vision for your company, and would also look beyond numbers considering other variables, and outcomes.

Operating as a Virtual CFO:

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Full Time CFO

About 40 percent of businesses shut down due to financial indiscipline. Every business needs a strategic financial brain in their operations, and early-stage team to help out in financial management, financial reporting, budgeting, accounting, cash flow management, and compliances. A full time CFO is someone who ensures that the company keeps running full steam ahead without being unsure financially. It is the job of a full time CFO to know your business intimately, only with such deep knowledge, and data of your business, can a person give you advice. Vee Bee ensures to follow your financial data consistently to report and help you make decisions.

Special Purpose CFO

Vee Bee can step in as a Special Purpose CFO for a limited period, till the company requires our help. We will work in tandem with your senior management team, and CEO/COO/CFO to execute and expedite multiple projects with great efficiency.

Special purpose CFO is not only for a time when you have a financial problem and crisis but also to lead the action when the business operations get voluminous.

Information Technology
Information Technology

Interim CFO

With the service of Interim CFO, Vee Bee aims to help the company tide over the gap formed by departing CFO and the incoming CFO, or non-existence of a CFO. There may also be a time when some bold tricky strategic decisions that an organisation may need to take, Vee Bee provides an additional hand in those times for timely, effective decision making.

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